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We’re committed to your long term success and feel that the best way to help you build that success is by being able to develop a longstanding relationship with you. With a combined 80 years of dental service under one roof, Dr. Green, Dr. Nguyen and Dr. Whitehurst each take great satisfaction in the fact that—over many years—they have been able to get to know each of their patients on an individual level. Knowing their patients on a personal level helps their ability to put the patient at ease. The personal relationship they develop drives the way they treat each of their patients. Their focus becomes not simply caring for the patient’s dental needs, but also caring about their lives and well being. We hope you will find your visits both comfortable and rewarding. Our office takes pride in a “friendly” approach to your dental health.


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Dr. Lauren Whitehurst

Dr. Whitehurst is passionate about employing a holistic and non-invasive approach to help individuals achieve rejuvenated, natural-looking beauty. As a certified CARE Esthetics provider, she has completed the Advanced PRF Education training program, gaining expertise in various facial esthetic procedures, including all-natural advanced facial esthetics with PRF.

In 2021, Dr. Whitehurst incorporated the natural healing abilities of PRF (platelet-rich fibrin) into surgical extractions, periodontal surgery, and implant dentistry. During this time, she began using PRF to address arthritis in jaw joints, a condition she personally experienced. Dr. Whitehurst’s own journey with this issue fueled her desire to assist others facing similar challenges. Intrigued by the regenerative properties of PRF, she explored its potential for naturally reversing the signs of aging. This led her to incorporate PRF into treatments like microneedling and the use of lasers, aiming to provide patients with effective and non-invasive solutions for facial rejuvenation.

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