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CARE Esthetics Denver offers advanced facial rejuvenation with a holistic approach. They take pride in their natural, toxin-free materials and facial esthetic techniques that focus on delaying and reversing skin aging while tackling various skin problems. The team offers advanced treatments and comprehensive cosmetic services, like Fotona laser therapy, microneedling with Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF), and more. So don’t wait any further, and schedule an appointment now with CARE Esthetics Denver!


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Dr. Mike Corson

Dr. Corson is a 2nd generation dentist who was born and raised in Parker, Colorado. Mike did his undergraduate studies in Fort Collins at Colorado State University. He then attended the prestigious Indiana University school of Dentistry graduating in 2001. Due to his academic success in school Mike was awarded the Health Professions Scholarship by the United States Army in 1997. Upon graduation Dr. Corson had the privilege and honor of serving his country in the post 9/11 era. While stationed at Fort Hood he gained advanced training in the areas of Oral Surgery and Endodontics working alongside specialists on a daily basis. While there Mike served as the 1st Brigade Dental Surgeon for the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division.

From March of 2004 to March of 2005 his unit deployed to the front lines of Sadr City, Iraq where he was responsible for the care of over 10,000 soldiers, civilians and contract workers. Upon returning from the war Dr. Corson and his wife moved to Scottsdale, AZ where Mike had the unique opportunity to train and work with one of the leaders in the world of cosmetic dentistry Dr. Mark Peck. For the next 5 years Mike learned hands on how to deliver the highest quality cosmetic and full mouth rehabilitations while providing all the endodontic and implant surgical needs of the practice.

He got into facial esthetics because of his outstanding results in soft tissue and bone grafting utilizing growth factors, i.e. PRF. He underwent Advanced PRF Education training, specializing in PRF treatment and laser therapy to provide effective, all-natural procedures in advanced facial esthetics. His tens of thousands of hours of facial surgeries have helped him to gain an enormous understanding of facial anatomy that he can apply to enhance his results with facial esthetics.

More important to Dr. Corson than all his awards and achievements are his beautiful wife and children. He has been married to his wife Kelsey for 15 years and in that time, they have been blessed with 4 daughters named Quinn, Harper, Norrie, and Eddie. Dr. Corson and his family enjoy spending time in the mountains and near rivers doing some fly fishing. Mike also enjoys playing golf and cheering for the local sports teams with his friends.

Dr. Kyle Miller

Dr. Miller grew up in a smaller town outside of Seattle, Washington where he was an avid outdoorsman enjoying and taking advantage of all that the state had to offer. His love of the outdoors brought him to Colorado and specifically Colorado State University for his undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences. Dr. Miller went on to attend Dental School at Midwestern University in Scottsdale, Arizona where he first started enjoying cosmetic dental procedures as well as surgical dental procedures.

Throughout the years, Dr. Miller has gained great knowledge and experience with both of these fields of dentistry. Dr. Miller is a member of the American Academy of Facial Esthetics where he was trained in the use of Botox and has been providing patients with both esthetic as well as muscular treatment ever since. This led him to work with PRF in a surgical presentation at first, using it in bone augmentation and larger grafting procedures. It was during the healing/outcomes of these procedures that he noticed the benefits of PRF in accelerated healing times, decreased patient discomfort, as well as far superior results in bone quality and volume when compared to grafting without the use of PRF. Not only did he notice the superior healing of bone during these surgeries, but also improved healing of soft tissue surrounding these surgical sites.

Due to his experience with use of PRF in surgery, Dr. Miller saw and recognized the potential for the use of PRF in other areas of the head/neck. It was at this time that Dr. Miller came in contact with Care Esthetics and started educating himself on the use of PRF for skin health.

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