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Advanced Facial Esthetics in Murfreesboro, TN

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Our goal at Care Esthetics of Murfreesboro is to enhance your natural beauty. we have focused on a holistic, all natural approach in assisting our patients with regenerative anti-aging treatments. Through leading experts in Platelet Rich Fibrin, world class leaders in Facial Esthetics, and incorporating laser treatments (Fontona); we can offer all natural rejuvenation procedures that create beautiful and natural results. We are committed to delivering the best personalized care to our community and help reverse the effects of the aging process. We focus on utilizing modern technology and utilizing the latest techniques in providing our patients with comfortable and effective treatments. Our anti-aging treatment includes Bio-Care, Bio-Lift, PRF Treatments, Laser Therapy (Fontona), and more. Being part of Care Esthetics, with over 100 clinical centers that bring a wealth of knowledge and experience with a goal of bringing our patients the best treatment for their conditions. These centers comprise a wide range of highly competent health care providers. This includes, Plastic Surgeons, Dentists, Clinical Researchers, and a variety of technological centers. Our clinical researchers are continually improving the concentrations of PRF to assist with giving our patients the highest caliber of treatments. Here at Care Esthetics of Murfreesboro, our friendly team is excited to help you achieve your goals with rejuvenating your skin in the most natural way possible.


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Dr. Jared Giatras

Dr. Jared Giatras is a graduate of Midwestern University in Illinois. He wasn’t always sure he wanted to work in dentistry but knew his passion was helping people, changing lives, and making a difference as a local dentist in Murfreesboro. It’s been an amazing journey and opportunity for him to meet the individuals who’ve not only shaped who he is as a dentist but inherently changed who he is forever. He is also passionate about facial aesthetics and strives to guide his patients to their ideal smile. To better serve his patients, Dr. Giatras is your Murfreesboro dentist certified in Invisalign, as well as Care Esthetics.

Dr. Giatras has been married to his wife, Kat, for sixteen years. They have four children: Jamison, Andie, Xander, and Austyn. For mental relaxation, Dr. Giatras is all about running. It helps him evaluate life and escape the work and world around him. He loves any activities he can do with his family such as biking, hiking, rock climbing, hitting the beach, and working in the yard. Dr. Giatras loves being outside and says it’s even better when he’s with those he loves. He’s been interested and as a youth was involved in musical theater. He’s started vocal lessons again at KTR and is looking forward to getting back into community productions and hopefully performing with his family. Dr. Giatras’ favorite dining spot in Murfreesboro is Culaccino Italian Restaurant and Bar — for the amazing food and because it was the first restaurant he visited with his wife upon moving to Tennessee and they were able to spend relaxing time together.

Dr. Giatras is a local Murfreesboro dentist with a heart. He cares about where we all call home and helps people stay healthy, starting with their oral health. He volunteers his time within the community and he’s committed to staying up-to-date with the latest dentistry has to offer through continuing education, including certification for Invisalign. Dr. Giatras’ team members also are consistently working towards continuing education to better serve every patient. Dr. Giatras is a member of the Middle Tennessee Study Club and is working towards accreditation with the Academy of General Dentistry, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and the International College of Oral Implantologists.

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