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Unveil the pinnacle of age-defying expertise at CARE Esthetics Santa Monica, where science meets rejuvenation in the heart of California. Delve into a realm of natural and non-invasive anti-aging solutions, harnessing the body’s own rejuvenative capabilities. With an expert team, cutting-edge facilities, and avant-garde methodologies, elevate your experience to the zenith of care. Discover a spectrum of advanced facial rejuvenation modalities, from Fotona laser therapy to PRF microneedling and exclusive Bio-CARE and Bio-LIFT treatments. Entrust your aesthetic journey to the world-renowned leaders in facial esthetics at CARE Esthetics Santa Monica.


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Dr. Lorene Catala Boisvert (DDS, DIC, AIAOMT, AIADBM)

Dr. Lorene Catala Boisvert (DDS, DIC, AIAOMT, AIADBM)

Revolutionary Dental Practitioner
Multilingual Dr. Lorene Catala Boisvert (English, French, German, Spanish) is a distinguished dentist renowned for her expertise in enhancing natural beauty through innovative approaches in facial and dental aesthetics. With a fervent dedication to her craft, she specializes in Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) therapies, leveraging cutting-edge techniques to achieve optimal results for her patients. Dr. Boisvert’s commitment to excellence and her unwavering pursuit of advancements in the field make her a trusted authority in aesthetics.

Early Career and Dental Mastery
Dr. Boisvert graduated with honors from the Nantes School of Dentistry, France, in 2000, establishing herself as a proficient dentist renowned for her precision. Her published research on the Aesthetics of Smile propelled her to California, where, since 2007, she has specialized in Biological and Biomimetic dentistry. Dr. Boisvert’s focus is on mimicking and respecting the natural properties of teeth as she restores them, aligning her practice with principles of nature and sustainability.

Driven by her passion for biological and biomimetic dentistry, she has cultivated a distinctive proficiency in revitalizing dental aesthetics while enhancing the visual appeal of teeth. With a deep understanding of facial anatomy and comprehensive expertise in facial injections, she emerges as an ideal candidate for refining facial aesthetics. This distinctive blend of skills firmly establishes her as a premier provider for delivering exceptional results in both dental and facial aesthetics realms.

Facial Esthetics
Dr. Boisvert embarked on a journey into the realm of facial aesthetics, recognizing its significant influence on holistic well-being. Fueled by a vision for natural rejuvenation, she committed herself to mastering the innovative technique of Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF), acknowledging its potential to enhance and promote natural beauty.

Holistic Approach to Facial Esthetics
Recognizing the symbiotic relationship between oral and facial health, Dr. Boisvert adopts a holistic approach to her practice. Her patients receive the dual advantage of her technical proficiency and personalized consultations, where each treatment is meticulously tailored to harmonize with their individual facial anatomy and aesthetic aspirations.

Commitment to Excellence
Dr. Boisvert is committed to delivering the utmost standard of care to her patients. She maintains an unwavering dedication to continuing education, regularly participating in conferences and workshops to remain at the forefront of advancements in dentistry, sleep medicine, pain management and facial aesthetics.

Her mission is to facilitate the creation and maintenance of a naturally beautiful appearance while eliminating reliance on artificial chemicals and fillers, which carry associated risks and side effects. Through her dedication, she strives to promote balanced health, both inside and out.
Dr. Boisvert specializes in a distinctive treatment modality that harnesses cutting-edge technologies to deliver rejuvenating esthetic solutions through a holistic lens. With a focus on noninvasive regenerative techniques, such as Bio-LIFT, Bio-CARE, and the innovative SmoothLase laser facelift, she is dedicated to enhancing natural beauty and well-being.

Dr. Boisvert maintains professional affiliations with the following prestigious organizations:
• American Dental Association (ADA) – Member
• Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry – Member
•International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology – Accredited Member
• International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine – Accredited Member
• Care Esthetics – Certified provider

Professional Education
• Nantes School of Dentistry, DDS, graduated with honors in 1998
• Thesis on Esthetics of the Smile, illustrated with paintings in Art History: published in 2000
• DDS degree obtained in California in 2007
• Learned Biomimetic Dentistry with Dr Pascal Magne
• DIC program, UCLA Implant Continuum: Implant placement Certificate obtained in 2016
• IADBM (international Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine), Awarded in 2019
• IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology), Awarded in 2024.
• Los Angeles Magazine Top Dentist, Awarded in 2023.

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