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CARE Esthetics is proud to announce the U.S. debut of the scientific, highly researched skincare regimen. This natural skin care product features a secret yet potent ingredient called Caga, which is a rare arctic mushroom species from the cold North.

CUVGET (pronounced “shoogeh”) skincare products have the unique potency of Čaga, of which mind-blowing anti-aging results come from the rich and ancient ingredient. Arctic Čaga extract originates from a rare species of mushroom growing on the bark of betula genus trees/birch trees in the Northern parts of the world. The mushroom lives on the outside of the tree and is exposed to extreme weather and environmental conditions.

To defend itself against these cold climate conditions, it has evolved through time to contain a rich composition of biologically active components that give this mushroom the powers to withstand and survive these harsh conditions. The Čaga extract has been scientifically proven to be one of the highest forms of antioxidants available on the planet today, providing one of the best natural skin care ingredients. Visit us now at Lakewood Ranch Dental, division of CARE Esthetics, to learn more about this powerful natural skin care ingredient!

Natural Skincare to Activate Cells Before & After PRF

  • The application of Čuvget products during and after the use of PRF has been demonstrated to activate Langerhans cells, which reduces inflammation and stimulates epidermal rejuvenation.
  • Arctic Čaga™ extract reduces skin cell damage by 80% within 1 hour.
  • Apply the 24h ČUVGET protocol, and experience the power of Čaga results on your skin.
  • Čaga treats diseases, and ČUVGET formulates it for skincare.
  • Čaga is used in facial treatments for fighting complicated diseases and immune disorders. We now bring this scientifically-proven potential into skincare for the first time.

After many years of intensive and uncompromising research, our team has been enlightened and excited to share the indisputable powers of Arctic Čaga into natural skin care products. ČUVGET represents an innovative and new paradigm in modern skin care.


CARE Esthetics, or the Center for Advanced Rejuvenation & Esthetics based out of Florida is the global leader in all-natural facial rejuvenation techniques that will help people feel younger and look younger. Our world-renowned doctors have pioneered several facial treatments and have engineered the best natural skin care products. Our natural skin care treatments are BIO-Care and BIO-Lift, microneedling with PRF, platelet rich fibrin (PRF), and laser therapy. 

Our mission is to create and use skin care products and techniques to help you reduce the signs of aging. Skin care is a life-long endeavor, and as you age, your body naturally loses fat and decreases collagen production, which is what allows wrinkles and fine lines to show. By using your body’s natural defenses, such as wound repair, you’ll be able to naturally reduce the signs of aging significantly, feeling better about yourself immediately. In addition, when you invest in a personalized skin care treatment plan, such as those offered by CARE, you’ll be able to achieve the results you want to see. You can choose from our comprehensive service, such as BIO-Care or BIO-Lift, or choose from more specific treatments, such as laser therapy or microneedling.

Protect your skin from aging. Start your advanced and personalized skin care treatments with CARE!

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