7 Benefits of PRF Treatment

7 Benefits of PRF Treatment

Wouldn’t it be nice to reverse the skin’s aging process naturally without surgeries and other invasive procedures? With Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) Treatment, you can enjoy natural, young-looking skin and more without painful treatments that require longer downtime. In this article, you’ll learn about the in-demand PRF treatment and its benefits.

What Is PRF Treatment and How Does It Work?

Fibrin is a substance in our blood that helps clot blood during bleeding and wound healing. It releases growth factors that promote wound healing, stimulate collagen production, and more. PRF treatment works by drawing blood from you, placing the blood sample in a centrifuge, spinning it to a lower speed, and collecting the PRF from the vial. This will then be injected into the treatment areas to address a variety of skin conditions, such as skin aging, acne scars, and hair loss.

PRF is secondary to the acclaimed Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), alternatively called the vampire facial. The significant difference between the two procedures is the anti-clotting additives involved in PRP treatment, which may compromise the benefits patients can get from PRP. Meanwhile, PRF treatment is a better alternative to PRP because it does not use any chemical additives while being three times more effective.

7 Surprising Benefits of PRF Treatment

platelet rich fibrin treatment

1. Enhanced collagen production

The most significant benefit PRF can provide to the skin is collagen growth. Collagen is a substance in our body, specifically a protein, that keeps our skin from drying out and sagging. However, our body’s collagen production naturally slows down as we age. With PRF treatment, specific areas of the face will be injected with powerful healing proteins and concentrated growth factors, stimulating collagen production.

2. Faster healing time

PRF is widely used to speed up healing, especially in dental procedures. But nowadays, it has become one of the newest innovations in facial esthetics. The platelets held by the fibrin matrix can speed up the skin’s healing process for different conditions. It can also encourage natural tissue regeneration.

3. Reduced wrinkles and facial folds

PRF provides higher platelet concentration while maintaining the fibrin matrix without anticoagulants. The fibrin matrix will then hold the platelet together for slower release in the areas where the PRF is injected. Once the platelets are released, they will provide longer-lasting results in reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and facial folds.

4. Lighter and plumper under-eye skin

The most sensitive skin on our body is located around our eyes. You will notice that fine lines and wrinkles always start around these areas. PRF treatment can address these under-eye hollows and reduce the appearance of eye wrinkles. Your skin care products can only do so much for your aging skin, so it’s best to seek natural solutions to rejuvenate it.

5. Minimized risk of adverse effects

PRF, which will be injected into specific parts of your skin, is obtained from your blood. So unlike synthetic fillers, your body will not recognize it as a foreign material, thus resulting in little to no side effects. PRF is also an excellent treatment addition to other cosmetic procedures, such as microneedling.

6. Improved hair growth and vitality

PRF treatment is known to treat alopecia and other hair loss or hair thinning conditions caused by metabolic issues, iron deficiency, and certain medications. Once the PRF is injected into your scalp, it will slow down hair loss and stimulate growth instead. It can also improve your hair’s color, vibrance, and vitality.

7. Noticeable improvement in your overall facial appearance

Aside from everything mentioned above, PRF treatment can rejuvenate your skin naturally without much effort at all. It can address texture and pigmentation issues and facial volume concerns. After a series of PRF therapies, you may notice that your skin will look fuller, healthier, and more vibrant. The best thing about it is that the results may last for up to a year, depending on the patient’s body’s response to the treatment.

Get the Best PRF Treatment at CARE Esthetics

PRF treatment carries a lot of benefits for our skin, especially for people with various skin concerns that skin care products cannot fix. At CARE Esthetics, we will make sure you get the best facial esthetic results that will make you happy and confident. So, book an appointment now in the nearest CARE Esthetics in your area, and get your free consultation!

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7 Benefits of PRF Treatment

Wouldn’t it be nice to reverse the skin’s aging process naturally without surgeries and other invasive procedures? With Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) Treatment, you can enjoy

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