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Woman receiving Botox treatment in a clinical setting.

Botox Sarasota

THE BOTOX INJECTION YOU DESERVE Every week, Care Esthetics administers hundreds of Botox injections. By fixing stubborn wrinkles and folds around the eyes, brows, and forehead, our registered nurses, licensed estheticians, and physicians have helped many of our patients achieve the elegance they desire. You may entrust your beauty to our Medical Injectable Experts for …

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PRP Therapy Sarasota

PRP HAIR TREATMENT Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a non-surgical treatment option for men and women who are undergoing hair loss and miniaturized hair growth, in which hair strands become more refined over time. PRP hair restoration is a safe and natural procedure that involves injecting platelet-rich plasma (PRP) into the scalp to restore miniaturized …

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PRP Injections

PRP Near Me

Care Esthetics Provide PRP Injections Near You To Help With Pain! PRP injection is a modern and groundbreaking sports medicine procedure that aids in the healing and rehabilitation of sports injuries such as soft tissue injuries. This treatment has several advantages that can make it a better option than other treatments available. One of the …

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PRP Facial Near Me

When our office’s experts perform PRP facials, many of our clients have many questions before the treatment. They’ve heard a lot of stories, evidence, theories, and misinformation regarding these latest skin-rejuvenation facials. The best way to deal with all of the myths about PRP (platelet-rich plasma) facials is to give you the hard facts. It’s …

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