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What is Advanced Regenerative Medicine

One of the most challenging obstacles that patients and surgeons face is the body’s inability to jump-start the regeneration of diseased, damaged, or missing tissue. This problem has given rise to regenerative medicine, a field that focuses on using stem cells and specific proteins to aid in the regeneration of tissues and organs. While promising, it is clear that partnerships between engineering and science disciplines and various sectors of society such as industry, government, and local communities are needed if cost-effective tissue and organ regeneration is to become a technique accessible to all.

Regenerative engineering is a fascinating new area that brings together advanced materials science, stem cell, developmental biology, physical sciences, and clinical translation to create scalable and dependable methods for regenerating and reconstructing complex tissues and organs. It can be thought of as an area that seeks to make regenerative medicine available to everyone.

CARE Esthetics‘ Vision

To be the leading organization in disseminating regenerative engineering technology and innovation through new information, science, education, and clinical translation, serving as a valuable resource to the healthcare industry, government, academia, and the general public.

CARE Esthetics’ Mission

Building a distributed, user-friendly regenerative toolkit that allows researchers and clinicians to regenerate tissues and organs for adult and pediatric patients.


1. Develop resources that can be shared and used to regenerate diverse tissues and organs.

2. Create and sustain an environment for clinical use of regenerative technology.

3. Create a strong collaboration network among research, healthcare, business, government, and community stakeholders.

4. Educate and train regenerative engineering entrepreneurs and workforce.

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